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Utop empowers how leading enterprises optimize customer experience and automate operations through innovation technology, data and AI

Discover Utop's robust platform for customer engagement and experience enhancement?

Grow The List

Convert visitors into opt-in users and membership subscribers with the easy, engaging, and creative Utop Campaign Builder, both offline and online.

  • Campaign Builder: Easily set up and create interactive campaigns through hundreds of customizable campaign templates.

  • Receipt Scan: Scan and extract information from shopping invoices at Modern Trade (MT) channels.

  • Game and Rewards: Emotionally connect with customers through games and personalized rewards.

Customer Advocacy

Utop Customer Advocacy suite helps you grow your business and delight your customers with various features such as feedback collection, ratings and referrals, loyalty, personalized offers and simplified checkout.

  • LoyaltyOS: Build loyalty through engaging activities and personalized rewards with dynamic platform.

  • Promotion Engine: Low-code Promotion Engine for high-impact promotions.

  • Checkout OS: Build lifetime relationships with your shoppers through One-Click Checkout.

Personalise Engagement

With Utop Engagement, you can use your customer data to grow faster. It lets you activate your data in real time & improve your targeting, personalization, and measurement.

  • Analytics and design of 1-1 engagement strategy.

  • Increase the relevance of customer experience through automated journeys.

  • Next Best Action recommended by Al.

Connected with hundreds of systems powering loyalty programs, CRM, Utop Platform help business engage with their customers easily

Many enterprises leverage Utop's platform for exceptional customer engagement

Customer stories speak volumes

By collecting high-quality data, Utop enables us to tailor value propositions to each shopper and lower our marketing operational expenses with adaptable promotions. automation and pre- made templates.

We happily recommend UTOP for providing Maison with a tailored loyalty program system that full covered our requirements. Their ability to customize solutions made them a strong partner that we are pleased to endorse.

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