Aside from the Loyalty Modules, the Configuration (Operator Config) in LoyaltyOS is the control center for tailoring and optimizing the loyalty program's functionality. Here's a more detailed breakdown:
  1. 1.
    Data Design: This includes List of Value and Dynamic Attribute features. List of Value offers predefined options for data entry, ensuring accuracy. Dynamic Attribute allows creating and customizing attributes to fit changing business needs.
  2. 2.
    Program Design: Encompassing Member Setup, Tier Group & Tier, and Loyalty Currency, this feature shapes the program's structure. Member Setup manages member-related data and onboarding. Tier Group & Tier organizes customer ranks based on engagement levels. Loyalty Currency is the central currency for program transactions and rewards.
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    System Integration: The Business Integration Builder connects LoyaltyOS with external systems. It manages integrations for smooth data exchange and leverages functionalities from other platforms.
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    Access Management: Managing User and Role permissions, Access Management controls user access within LoyaltyOS. It assigns specific access levels for security and regulates system usage.
The Configuration section serves as the control center, allowing administrators to adjust, structure, and secure various aspects of the loyalty program to align with business goals and evolving customer needs.