System Architecture

LoyaltyOS operates on a microservices-based architecture, leveraging an API generator-based API Economy, as depicted in the diagram below.


The LoyaltyOS API is designed based on the REST architecture and a resource-oriented scheme. Future versions of LoyaltyOS will include support for Webhooks, message queues, and more.

Static APIs and Dynamic APIs

LoyaltyOS provides two types of APIs: Static APIs and Dynamic APIs.

Static APIs

A Static API offers a fixed set of endpoints, requests, and responses that remain unchanged during operation. It provides a consistent and unvarying approach to accessing the system's functionalities.

In LoyaltyOS, there are three Static APIs: Authorization API, Member API, and Activity API. See the details in Section 4: Static APIs Parameters.

Dynamic APIs

A Dynamic API allows for flexibility, enabling developers to create new endpoints, requests, or responses dynamically. It adapts to varying use cases and provides a customizable experience for integrating with the system.

To create Dynamic APIs, LoyaltyOS introduces a dynamic integration management function called Business Integration Builder (BIB), which can be utilized within the LoyaltyOS Admin Portal. See the details in Section 5: Create Dynamic APIs.

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