Member 360

To access Member 360

Step 1: Click the Member icon located in the bottom left corner of home screen, choose Member 360.
Step 2: Member 360 is displayed.

To view a member details information

Step 1: On the member list screen, click the View icon to access detailed information about a specific member.
Step 2: The Member Insight screen is displayed with default information, including:
  • Loyalty Rank Avatar
  • Member Avatar
  • Member Name
  • Basic Info: Status, Pool Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Date of Joining
  • Tier Info: Tier Group, Current Tier, Tier Entry Date, Next Tier
  • Loyalty Currency: Currency Name, Currency Amount
  • Tags
  • Explore additional information on other tabs.
Step 3: At Product tab, view a list of products owned by the member, including:
  • Product Avatar
  • Product Name
  • Merchant
  • State
Step 4: At Gift tab, view a list of gifts owned by the member, including:
  • Gift Avatar
  • Gift Name
  • Merchant
  • State
Step 5: At Privilege tab, view a list of privileges owned by the member, including:
  • Privilege Avatar
  • Privilege Name
  • Merchant
  • State
Step 6: At Tier tab, view the member's tier change history in a line chart format.
  • Tier Entry Date
  • Tier End Date
  • Reason
Step 7: At Loyalty Currency tab, view the history of Loyalty Currency transactions, including:
  • Transaction Datetime
  • Loyalty Currency Type
  • Tags
  • Merchant
  • Value (‘+’ for earning, ‘-’ for burning)
  • Reason
Step 8: At Activity tab, view the history of member activities, including:
  • Transaction Datetime
  • Activity Name
  • Merchant
  • Transaction Value (if applicable)