Utop Help Center

Merchant 360

To access Merchant 360

Step 1: Click the Merchant icon located in the bottom left corner of home screen, click Merchant 360.
Step 2: Merchant Management is displayed.

To create a new Merchant

Step 1: In the upper right corner of the Merchant Management screen, click the Create New button
Step 2: The new Merchant creation screen appears.
Step 3: Navigate to the Merchant Profile section:
  • Enter the Merchant Name
  • The system will automatically generate a unique Merchant Code
  • Input a brief Description of the merchant if necessary
  • Choose the Status of the merchant:
    • Active: Merchant is actively participating in the Loyalty Network.
    • Inactive: Merchant is not currently participating.
  • Upload an Avatar for the merchant
  • Upload a Background image for the merchant
Step 4: In the Merchant QR Code section, when the user clicks Save to automatically generate the QR code for the merchant.
Step 5: In the Display Settings section, toggle the display mode Show the offer on end-user front-end.
  • If set to ON, users need to specify when the merchant information should be displayed.
  • If set to OFF, users do not need to take any additional action.
Step 6: Click on the Save button to save the merchant profile.

To edit Merchant details information

Step 1: Navigate to the Merchant Management page and locate the merchant you want to edit. You can use the search bar or filtering options to find it.
Step 2: In the Action column of the desired offer, click the [Edit] icon.
Step 3: The page for editing detailed information is displayed.
Step 4: Make the necessary modifications to the merchant’s details.
Step 5: Press Save to complete the editing process. Your changes will be saved, ensuring your merchant information is up to date and ready for action.