To access Product

Step 1: Click the Merchant icon located in the bottom left corner of home screen, click Product.

Step 2: Product Management is displayed.

To create a new Product

Step 1: In the upper right corner of the Product Management screen, click the Create New button

Step 2: The system displays two methods:

  • Ownership Invoice: Product is managed by an auto-generated code.

  • Serial Number: Product is managed by a serial number uploaded, auto generated or integrated with the third party.

    • Manual Import: Users manually import a list of serial numbers in a specified format.

    • System Generation: Users design rules for code creation based on system-suggested common rules.

    • Partner Integration: Users Perform integration with an external product warehouse.

Step 3: After selecting the method, the system presents a new creation screen with Information tab.

Step 4: In the Information tab, enter the following details at Information section:

  • Merchant

  • Enter the Product Name

  • Choose Product Type: Digital or Physical

  • Brief Description if needed

  • For Ownership Method, enter Integration ID - the system's product code stored in the POS or ERP system

  • Upload product Avatar

  • Upload product Background

Step 4: In the Information tab, go to Validity section:

  • Activate After: Enter the time after which the product becomes valid after being given or redeemed by a member and choose the time unit (Days/Weeks/Months/Years).

  • Validity After Activation: Define the duration of the product’s validity after activation and choose the time unit (Days/Weeks/Months/Years).

Step 5: In the Information tab, go to the Validation section.

  • Operation Cost: Enter the original cost of the product in the Loyalty Program currency.

  • Selling Price: Enter the selling price of the product in the Loyalty Program currency.

  • Margin: The system automatically calculates the margin percentage:

    • Margin Formula: (Selling Price - Cost) / Selling Price

  • Markup: The system automatically calculates the markup percentage:

    • Markup Formula: (Selling Price - Cost) / Cost

Step 6: Enable/Disable All Redemption Loyalty Currencies & Tags:

  • If enabled (ON), the product can be redeemed with all loyalty currencies in the Loyalty Program.

  • If disabled (OFF), users can select specific Loyalty Currencies that members can use to redeem the product.

Step 7: After entering product details, click Save to finish creating the product and navigate to the Serial Number tab.

Step 8: View Serial Number information:

  • Available Quantity

  • Remaining Quantity

  • Total Rewarded/Redeemed Quantity

Step 9: View a list of serial numbers with the following information:

  • Serial Number: Masked to show only the last 4 characters.

  • Status: Active (usable) or Inactive (not usable).

  • Expired Datetime: Expiry time of the serial number.

  • State:

    • Available: Not assigned to any member.

    • Waiting: Assigned to a member but not yet used.

    • Used: Used by a member.

    • Expired: Expired, regardless of assignment.

    • Cancelled: Cancelled.

Users can also add more serial numbers by clicking Add Serial Number.

Step 10: View the Available Quantity Change Log with details such as:

  • Datetime: Time of the update.

  • Update Quantity: Number of serial numbers updated.

  • Update Reason: Reason for the update.

  • Old Available Quantity: Previous available quantity before the update.

  • New Available Quantity

Step 11: After making updates, click Save to save the changes and proceed to the Product Offering tab.

Step 12: In the Product Offering tab, users can view a list of offers to which the product has been distributed.

  • Offer Name

  • Offer Code: Hyperlinked for detailed offer information

  • Offer Status

  • Reserved Quantity

  • Rewarded/Redeemed Quantity

  • Remaining Quantity

  • Release Quantity

To create a new offer, click Create, users are directed to a new screen to create one of the Loyalty Program offer types.

To edit Product details information

Step 1: Navigate to the Product Management page and locate the product you want to edit. You can use the search bar or filtering options to find it.

Step 2: In the Action column of the desired offer, click the [Edit] icon.

Step 3: The page for editing detailed information is displayed.

Step 4: Make the necessary modifications to the product’s details.

Step 5: Press Save to complete the editing process. Your changes will be saved, ensuring your product information is up to date and ready for action.

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