Enrollment Form

Enrollment Form

The Enrollment Form is designed to establish the member registration process when a customer wishes to join the system. It contains fields related to the member's information that the business needs to gather for completing the customer's registration. In simpler terms, when a customer wants to enroll in LoyaltyOS, they are required to provide specific information, such as their name, phone number, date of birth, gender, etc.

The Enrollment Form is where the configuration of these fields occurs, allowing customers to provide the necessary information to complete the registration process and become a member of LoyaltyOS.

To setup Enrollment Form

Before setting up an Enrollment Form, the Member Structure must be completed first. Member Structure is a prerequisite for setting up an Enrollment Form.

Step 1: In the Member Setup screen, select Enrollment Form tab.

Step 2: The Enrollment Form List is displayed.

Step 3: Click the Create button located in the top right corner to create an Enrollment Form.

Step 4: The Create Enrollment Form screen will be displayed.

Step 5: Enter the general information in the Information section, including:

  • Form Name

  • Description

  • Effective From

  • Effective To

  • Tag

  • Avatar

  • Background

Step 6: Scroll down the Create Enrollment Form screen, then navigate to the Details section.

Step 7: On the left side, add Attributes to the Form Details to include properties that appear during the enrollment process. You can also create sections for the Enrollment Form by enabling Use Sections.

Step 8: Click the Next button to move to the Touchpoint Selection tab. Here, you'll find Touchpoint information utilized for the Enrollment Form and Enrollment Form Payload.

Step 9: In the Integration section, select Touchpoint from the drop-down list. Multiple selections are allowed.

Step 10: Expand the Member Enrollment Payload tab to view the payload for the selected Touchpoints. Choose one of the selected Touchpoints, then go to the Enrollment Payload and Access Token tab.

Step 11: Click the copy icon to copy the Enrollment Payload or Access Token, which will be used to call Member API.

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