Member Structure

Member Structure

The Member Structure serves to set up member-related data displayed within LoyaltyOS. While the Member 360 screen provides a comprehensive view of all member details for operators to access and monitor, the Member Structure screen determines and organizes the information displayed on the Member 360 screen.

The Member Structure consists of 2 components:

  • Program Level: Here, the setup of member attributes displayed across All Merchants is configured.

  • Merchant Level: This section configures member attributes based on the onboarded Merchant in the system.

In cases where member attributes overlap between these sections, the shared attribute information is governed by the Program Level. Customizing overlapping information from the "Program Level" tab in the "Merchant Level" tab is not feasible.

To setup Member Structure at Program Level

Step 1: In the Member Setup screen, select Member Structure tab.

Step 2: The Member Structure screen is displayed. Navigate to the Program Level tab to configure the Member Structure for the entire program in LoyaltyOS, which applies to all Merchants.

Step 3: Drag the Available Attribute from the left corner and drop it into the Applied Attribute section in the main screen.

Step 4: For each Applied Attribute, specify the Type of Information, Required, and Attribute Validation.

  • Type of Information: Choose from the drop-down list to determine where this attribute will be located, such as PII, Basic Info, or More Info.

  • Required: Select if this Attribute is mandatory for all Members in LoyaltyOS.

  • Attribute Validation: Proceed to Step 5 if this Attribute requires value validation.

Step 5: Click the icon in the Attribute Validation column to reveal the Attribute Validation section.

Step 6: Within the Attribute Validation section, turn on Enable Attribute Validation, then enable Format Check and/or Range Check, entering the respective values.

Step 7: Scroll down on the Member Structure screen to configure Unique Attribute Combination and Member Profile Syncing.

Step 8: In the Unique Attribute Combination section, click Add Attribute, then select the Attribute that must be unique for each Member in LoyaltyOS."

Step 9: In the Member Profile Syncing section, enable Auto-sync Member Profile if the Member Profile needs to be automatically synced to specific Merchants.

To setup Member Structure at Merchant Level

Step 1: In the Member Structure screen, navigate to the Merchant Level tab next to the Program Level to configure the Member Structure for a single Merchant. Then, select the Merchant from the drop-down list.

Step 2: The Member Structure screen for the selected Merchant is displayed, comprising two tabs: Inherit from Program and Custom for Merchant.

Step 3: In the Inherit from Program tab, the list of Attributes set up for the Member Structure at the Program Level is displayed. You can inherit and use them or make modifications if needed.

Step 4: In the Custom for Merchant tab, you can drag and drop Attributes to configure the Member Structure. These Attributes will only appear in the Member Structure of the selected Merchant, not across all Merchants.

Step 5: Follow the same setup process as guided in the To set up Member Structure at Program Level section.

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