Import Contacts

Kickstart Your Contact Management Journey

Embark on a seamless contact management adventure with our automated communication platform. Let's start by importing your existing contacts.

1. Import contact & Download CSV templte

  • Click on the "All Contacts" and "Import Contacts" button.

  • Download the CSV template from us.

2. Input contact to the CSV template

After you finish inputing your customer data, save csv / excel file with name of user group such as Group A. Birthday this month, Group B. No purchased last 30 days, Group C. Churned after 90 days.

3. Drag and drop EACH file to the the import box and click go to next step

  1. Double check the contact atribute and ensure it's mapping correctly and click go to next step

  • Review the contract attributes to ensure that they are mapped correctly.

  • Click on the "Next" button.

  1. Create customer group name according to the input

  • Enter a name for the customer group.

  • Click on the "Next" button.

  1. Click Update the attributes of the existing contacts.

  • This will update the attributes of any existing contacts that are included in the CSV file.

  • Click on the "Next" button.

7. Opt-in Agreement [IMPORTANT]

Please do ensure that you adhear to the local law and regulation that the customers allow you to contact them.

  • If it is, tick "I confirm that my new import adheeres to these conditions".

  • Click on the "Next" button.

8. Finally, click import. This may take a while depends on how many contacts up input in the csv/excel file

  • Click on the "Import" button.

  • This may take a while depending on how many contacts are being imported.

9. Once the process is completed, you can find it on "Contact groups". The imported user group should be located there.

I hope this user manual is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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